NHL Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Edmonton Oilers

The Toronto Maple Leafs tried for both Chris Tanev and Nikita Zadorov

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on Saturday Headlines on the Toronto Maple Leafs attempt to acquire both Chris Tanev and Nikita Zadorov in the same deal from the Calgary Flames.

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“Well, the busiest team in the league this week no question was Vancouver. They traded (Anthony) Beauvillier to Chicago. They got (Nikita) Zadorov from Calgary.

Now, the two teams involved here wouldn’t discuss it but there was an attempt by the Toronto Maple Leafs to get both (Chris) Tanev and Zadorov from Calgary. Now from what I understand the issue here was that the Maple Leafs and the Flames could not agree on what it would cost for Calgary to keep up to 50% of the salary on both players. I don’t know what the exact percentage was that Toronto asked but it was up to half and the two sides couldn’t figure out that compensation in addition to just the compensation for the players.

So as a result, Tanev and Zadorov to Toronto didn’t happen. Zadorov goes to the Canucks.

The Maple Leafs, however, do continue to look for defensemen out there. I think they will continue to pursue Chris Tanev although because Tanev makes a larger salary than Zadorov, it might take longer for the Tanev move to happen, whether to Toronto or someone else.

But I think the Maple Leafs prefer a right-handed shot defenseman and they are looking for someone with a bit of an edge. We’ll see where that goes. They have three defensemen out and still awaiting an update on certainly, what’s going to happen with John Klingberg.”

Could the Edmonton Oilers recall Jack Campbell this week?

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on Saturday Headlines on Edmonton Oilers goaltender Jack Campbell.

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So Manny Legace goes down to work with Jack Campbell. What’s going to happen with Jack Campbell

Friedman: “Well Jack Campbell’s had three good starts in a row, two wins and a defeat where he made 39 saves he is supposed to play for AHL Bakersfield against Texas.

The Oilers next play on Wednesday. I don’t think it’s impossible if he’s going to be back up with the Oilers this week. I wouldn’t want to say it’s 100% going to happen but as long as he gets through okay, I can see the possibility of it happening soon.”