NHL Rumors: Tyler Myers and Nikita Zaitsev were never asked to waive their no-trades

Donnie & Dhali: Rick Dhaliwal on the rumored Tyler Myers and Nikita Zaitsev trade between the Vancouver Canucks and Ottawa Senators.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Dhaliwal: “You’re talking about Donnie, the Canucks and Ottawa have discussed Tyler Myers and Nikita Zaitsev. Don’t believe it ever got close. It could be revisited later.

Myers has a limited no-trade clause. So does Zaitsev.”

Taylor: “Can we go back to the start? There’s this story out there that the Canucks offered up Myers to Ottawa. Right?”

Dhaliwal: “That’s right.”

Taylor: “Trying to shed salary.”

Dhaliwal: “Yeah. But neither agent was asked to waive. Zaitsev and Myers did not shoot down any trades. There’s just, that’s wrong. Zaitsev and Myers were never asked to go to Ottawa and Vancouver.

Here’s the problem Donnie if you look at it. Myer’s got a $5 million signing bonus coming his way on July 1st. That’s tough.”

Taylor: “Straight cash.”

Dhaliwal: “Straight cash. That’s tough for any team to digest. So that’s maybe why Ottawa is asking for a sweetener. Something the Canucks are not in the mood to give up.

They just gave up, and they got ripped in this market, for coughing up a second, including guys like you , for coughing up a second-rounder to get rid of Jason Dickinson. Which hey, a second-rounder is a second-rounder. It’s high currency.

Are the Senators asking for a second or third-rounder?”

Taylor: “Sweetener.”

Dhaliwal: “Sweetener.”

Taylor: “Zaitsev makes $3.3 . He’s got, term wise it matches up with Myers. His contract ends at the end of next year.”

Dhaliwal: “That’s it. But to ask another team to take on Myers and then pay his $5 million on July 1st, that’s a lot to ask for Donnie. So that’s I think causing issues and I think any team that takes Myers is going to want a sweetener.

And I don’t think Vancouver is in a position to offer up sweetener.”