NHL Rumors: Vancouver Canucks and the Columbus Blue Jackets
Travis Green will get his contract extension eventually. No extension talks yet between the Columbus Blue Jackets and Patrik Laine.
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Green will get his contract extension eventually

TSN: Though he may not have a contract extension in place yet, Darren Dreger said that Vancouver Canucks still plan on giving him one.

“The fact that he doesn’t have a contract after this year is reason for concern but I can tell you that there is intent from the Canucks perspective to get the extension done. Now, Green is highly valued by the Canucks, he’s highly valued as a head coach across the NHL, and he’s been brought up through the organization in terms of coaching. But the process of managing the financials in a pandemic are much different than they would be under normal circumstances. So this is going to take a bit of time.”

No extension talks yet between the Blue Jackets and Laine

TSN: Pierre LeBrun said that there have been no contract extension talks between the Columbus Blue Jackets and newly acquired Patrik Laine, which is surprising to some.

“There have not been any talks yet and that in itself is surprising. I think some teams around the league thought that if and when Laine got dealt that team would have asked permission to perhaps explore what a new deal would look like. But I think Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen has a lot of confidence in his relationship with Laine. I know that Kekalainen told me that he had a terrific conversation with Laine over the weekend about the team’s long-term vision and him wanting to be a part of that solution.

But for the time being I don’t think Laine’s camp is in any hurry to begin talks. I think they want their client to get to Columbus, adjust to his new surroundings, and worry about the contract much later down the road.”

LeBrun adds that Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen had offered Pierre-Luc Dubois and eight-year deal, and would likely do so for Laine. Laine’s camp may not be interested in that long of a deal but could be interested in a mid-term deal.