NHL Rumors: Vancouver Canucks, and the Ottawa Senators
Talks quiet between the Canucks and Bo Horvat

TSN: Pierre LeBrun on TSN said that it’s been quiet on the Vancouver Canucks and Bo Horvat contract extension talks, noting that talks date back three, four months. It sounds like there is a big gap and it could get interesting if he’s not re-signed by the trade deadline.

“Both sides have really laid out their positions, and my understanding is that there’s a pretty sizable gap between those positions at the moment, which again: there’s lots of time for the Canucks and Horvat’s representatives to find a way over the next few months and it is the Canucks’ absolute priority to get their captain signed to a long-term deal, but it’s also true, I think, that the Canucks’ front office feels a bit less pressure in the wake of J.T. Miller signing to get it done at all costs. In other words, they have a delicate salary cap position, and a Horvat extension has to fit within that long term.

We’ll see where this goes, but certainly my sense is that if Horvat is not signed by the March 3 trade deadline, there is a possibility the Canucks would trade him instead of losing him for nothing come July 1.”

Alex DeBrincat wants to see how things go in Ottawa

Ian Mendes of The Athletic: Ottawa Senators forward Alex DeBrincat isn’t ready to sign an extension on Ottawa just yet. He’ll be owed a $9 million qualifying offer after the season. Another 40-goal season and DeBrincat’s camp may want to be the highest paid Senators.

“I think we’re just going to start by playing it out and see how it works,” said DeBrincat during a media session on September 7. “I’m obviously open to anything. I’m excited to play with these guys. I think both sides want to see how it works. And I know they’ve got a lot of goal scorers, so we’ll see how that works.”

Defenseman Artem Zub will be looking for a raise from his $2.5 million on his next deal. If he isn’t extended by the trade deadline, the Senators could have some decisions to make.