NHL Rumors: Vancouver Canucks Bo Horvat on his contract situation

Sportsnet: Vancouver Canucks forward Bo Horvat wants to remain with the Canucks long-term but doesn’t want his contract situation to hang over his head.

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“I think again, it’s not up to me. It’s, obviously I’m going to have a say but I’m leaving, I have a lot of trust in Pat my agent, and again, I’ve expressed that for a long, long time, I want to be a Canuck and I want to stay here.

So, for me though, again, I can’t let that kind of stuff bother me. I can’t have it hanging over my head. For me, I have to put my head down and be the best leader I can.

I’m a Vancouver Canuck right now. I’m going to be Vancouver Canuck for this full year. I’m going to be the, going to try to do whatever I can do to help this team win. That’s what my main focus is right now.


“I definitely have confidence in that. Obviously, my career started here. Like I said before, my wife and I love the city. We love the people. We love the fans. The organization.

So, you always have that in the back of your mind that you’re going to be a Canuck for life. I want that to happen. It’s going to be, we’ll see what happens here.

But these things do take time and hopefully, we can get it done soon.

Sportsnet: Horvat said he’s not worried about his contract situation and it can be a lengthy process.

“You know, obviously, it’s a lengthy process. I’m kind of leaving that up to my agency and Pat Morris, and just keeping it private.

Obviously, I want to be a Vancouver Canuck and I want to stay here. I love our group. My wife and I love the city. If I wanted to play with one team for my whole career, it  would be the Vancouver Canucks.

So, obviously, it’s a long process and we’ll see where it goes.

It is what it is. Again, these things take time, and sometimes they take longer than others.

For me, just focusing on myself being ready for camp. Being the best leader I can on and off the ice. The chips will fall where they fall. Again, I’m excited for camp. I’m excited about our group. Can’t wait to start.”

When asked if he’s hiding a new contract in his back pocket.

“No, it a, like I said, it’s ongoing and for me, it’s not my job to worry about it right now. I’m back with guys. I’m excited to be back and am excited to get things going. It was awesome being out there in the skate today and seeing the new guys. Just laughing with the guys and having fun. I can’t wait for camp to start. I’m really looking forward to it.”