NHL Rumors: Vladimir Tarasenko and who might be interested

NHL Network: Elliotte Friedman on unrestricted free agent Vladimir Tarasenko and who might be interested.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Jamison Coyle: “A couple minutes ago you said you look forward to seeing what the Sens now do with the absence and the money freed up by the DeBrincat trade. A lot of people out there are thinking, ‘okay, here’s Tarasenko now going to Ottawa.’

What are the odds you think that that is going to take place?”

Friedman: “I think they’re in the mix. Like, as we know now Jamison, Tarasenko switched agents a week ago. So I believe his new agents, JP Barry and Pat Brisson, kind of, what happens when you switch agents, you new agents call around and say, ‘okay, what was out here? What was the interest level?’

I think Tarasenko will end up signing a one-year deal. I think Ottawa’s in there. I think San Jose has been in there. I think Florida’s been around there. I think Nashville’s been in and out. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I think those are kind of some of the teams that have shown the most interest.

I think there’s been some other teams that have kicked tires here and there but from what I understand, that’s kind of the group that’s been in it. And I think what’s going to happen now, I don’t, I think Tarasenko’s kind of waiting to see what’s the best possible deal he can get. What’s the best possible fit he can get?

But heard there was a possibility, maybe one of those teams would give him, Carolina, I don’t know if I said Carolina. They’re definitely one of the teams in there too. But like I said, Carolina’s got a lot of balls in the air.

I just think it’s a situation where Tarasenko’s going to wait to see best fit, best deal. I heard it was possible he might get a two or three-year deal from one of these teams. From what I understand now, it’s more likely he takes a one-year deal, plays well, and see what happens on the cap next season.