NHL Rumors: What is the Better Legacy Move for Sidney Crosby?

Sidney Crosby has to remain with the Pittsburgh Penguins, right?

TSN: Frankie Corrado on TSN talking about Sidney Crosby and if it’s better for his legacy to remain a Pittsburgh Penguin or go chase another Stanley Cup.

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Host: “So (Leon) Draisaitl may end up as the highest paid but the player with the highest career earnings in NHL history of course is Sidney Crosby. Now Frankie, I know you can’t picture Sid in another jersey, you’ve made that very clear. But in terms of his legacy, what’s the better move for Crosby being a Penguin for life or making another cup run with another team?

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Corrado: “The better legacy move for Sidney Crosby is to be a Penguin for life and follow in the footsteps of his mentor Mario Lemieux. Think about this, Stanley Cups were one under Mario Lemiuex’s watch and at some point, the torch had to get passed on. The torch got passed to Sidney Crosby.

Now Sidney Crosby has won three Stanley Cups in Pittsburgh. Now that team is in a little bit of a middle spot where they’re not quite good enough to compete for a championship, but they’re not quite bad enough to really bottom out.

At some point, if Sidney Crosby’s legacy goes from winning Stanley Cups in Pittsburgh to eventually maybe passing the torch to the next version of Mario and Sid, whoever that may be, we don’t know, that will be way more substantial for Sidney Crosby’s legacy than saying, ‘Hey, I’m outta here. I get to go to Colorado or New York and I’m gonna go try and chase one more Stanley Cup for my own sake.

Sidney Crosby should be like Mario Lemieux. Should be like Nicholas Lidstrom and play his whole career with the team that drafted him. The team he had a lot of success with and pass the torch when the time comes.

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Host: “Now, Crosby is the all-time leader in games played for Pittsburgh. He does ranked second among all Penguins in career goals assists and points only behind Mario Lemieux.