NHL Rumors: What Will It Take For The Colorado Avalanche To Sign Mikko Rantanen?
What will it take for the Colorado Avalanche to sign restricted free agent forward Mikko Rantanen?

Ryan S. Clarke of The Athletic: Pierre LeBrun reported that the Colorado Avalanche made a long-term offer to restricted free agent forward Mikko Rantanen.

Have learned that the Avalanche are looking to sign Rantanen to a six to eight-year deal with an AAV around $8.4 to $8.75 million.

Rantanen’s camp may be looking for $9.5 million a season. If that was the number for a long-term deal then it might work for the Avs, but if the $9.5 million is on a three-year bridge deal, then it would be a nonstarter.

The Avs had previously been open to a short-term deal but now prefer a long-term deal.

Adrian Dater: Mike Liut, the agent for Mikko Rantanen: “during the past few days we have received a number of calls/emails/texts speculating or stating they have heard, or they saw a report, regarding the Avs’ offer and they are inaccurate.”

Adrian Dater of Colorado Hockey Now: So we know that Mikko Rantanen and the Colorado Avalanche don’t appear to be close on a new deal.

The Avs are thinking more in the Sebastian Aho and Leon Draisaitl range of $8.5 million and not Mitch Marner’s $10.9 million.

Two sources who are close to the situation have said the report of the Avs long-term offer that tops out at $8.7 million per season are “inaccurate.”

We have learned that a deal at around $9.5 million could work for Rantanen’s camp at least.

Could a five-year, $47.5 million deal work? A two-year, $19 million deal or three years and $28.5 million?

Any contract beyond four years is buying UFA years. There is no chance that Rantanen would do a long-term deal at $8.5 million.