NHL Rumors: Where Should the Vancouver Canucks Turn Their Trade Focus to Now?

Sekeres and Price: Frank Seravalli on the Sekeres and Price show when asked if the Vancouver Canucks will now focus on adding depth to their lineup.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Matt Sekeres: “Do you anticipate the Vancouver Canucks are now focused on depth and where would that depth be, or everywhere?

Seravalli: “I still think they’re one defenseman away. I mean, you asked about (Chris) Tanev. I think, look, they did such a good job of rebuilding this defense over the last calendar year.

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But at varying points this year with the (Carson) Soucy injury and you know, just being banged up from time to time, they’ve had to dig back into that well. Which is, you’re using replacement level NHL players.

And that’s not a knock on the players that they’ve used, it’s just that when you get to the Stanley Cup playoffs and you know that you need a good solid eight defenseman to make it through to the other end. You know, you probably need to add one more piece.

Doesn’t need to be a household name. Doesn’t even need to be expensive. Someone that you would feel really comfortable playing 23 playoff games with on your third pair if the bullets start flying and your guys start dropping.

Seleres: “Do you have any names for us? Do you know who they might be sniffing around if not Tanev?

Seravalli: “I don’t think the Canucks need to spend that much. They got their big guy. I think you gotta, you gotta get creative and look around. I don’t have a name off the top of my head.

I would think that a player of the ilk skill set and availability of Nick Seeler would make so much sense for Vancouver. I think, you know the reliability and the toughness.

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I could see an Alexandre Carrier being a fit from Nashville. You know, just someone that you, you, it’s predictability that you want if you’re Rick Tocchet. That you know that if you have to use them, that you can rely on him”