NHL Rumors: Who is the leading candidate to land Patrick Kane? What about Jonathan Toews?

TSN: That’s hockey with host Gino Reda and guests Jeff O’Neil and Jamie McClennan talking about Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.

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Reda: “Okay, first off. Are we on the same page that Patrick Kane’s got to be moved before the trade deadline?”

O’Neil: “I think he would want to be moved as well.”

McLennan: “Yeah, I hope so.”

Reda: “So Pat Brisson, his agent was talking to Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic, similar situation to Claude Giroux last year. Let’s play, get close to the deadline, let’s see what’s the best situation for him to win at. What would you guys suggest is the best situation for Patrick Kane, if he can be involved and he has some say in it?

O’Neil: “Last week I said the New York Islanders just because they could always use some secondary offense to compliment Barzal. I know they do have some guys that can score goals there, but you look at the New York Rangers. It’s just the sexy option. The bright lights. They have star power with Panarin and Zibenejad. It just seems like him putting that jersey on, to American players, I think the New York Rangers jersey is symbolic. I really do. It’s kind of like the Maple Leafs jersey or the Montreal Canadiens jersey to a Canadian. I think a Ranger jersey means something to an American born player.

McLennan: I know the sexy pick would be somewhere in Canada. There’s Edmonton or Toronto, Calgary. I think it’s the Rangers too. I think it’s a natural fit. He’s kind of always been linked behind the scenes to the New York Rangers. Whether it is, the original six teams, go from Chicago to there.

But ultimately Chris Drury, he’s done a really good job there. They did a retool very quickly, kind of within two years. Some of these young players have pushed through. It helps with the goaltender being a star. I think Patrick Kane will end up there.

Reda: “Let me risk this. I know they are vastly different players, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. Toews is a little bit older but not by much. They’re both making $10.5 , is there any interest, anyway that Jonathan Toews gets moved?

McLennan: “Oh, I think he does. They’ll have to chew some salary.”

Reda: “From his leadership standpoint and not for his offense. Is that what you’re saying/”

McLennan: “I read the other day that Colorado might sniff around him at the deadline. You get a lot of that cap eaten up. You get Chicago to bite some of that. He’d be a fantastic add there. They lost Nazem Kadri. You could add depth to that center ice position.”

O’Neil: “Can any team pull off getting them both?”

McLennan: “No. I don’t think so.

Reda: “O-E-O. Dude. We did the math. Okay, here’s what it would take. If you waited right until the trade deadline, you’d still be on the hook for $2.7 million in cap space. To take on $2.7 million times two?”

McLennan: “Well, LTIR then. You’re talking about a major injury and you’d have to pay a king’s ransom for both of them.

O’Neil: “I’m just saying, if any team can pull it off, go for it. Get them both.”

Reda: “Could you image?”

McLennan: “That would be great.”

Reda: “After all the success they had with the Hawks, to take that success and move it.”

** NHLRumors.com transcription