NHL Rumors: Who will win the Patrick Kane sweepstakes?

Sportsnet 590 The FAN: Elliotte Friedman on the Jeff Marek Show said there’s a lot of noise around Patrick Kane.

** NHLrumors.com transcription

Marek: “Yeah, umm, the Maple Leafs one of the teams that have spoken to Pat Kane. A lot of teams have spoken to Pat Kane. And we’ve wondered about Dallas. We’ve wondered about Florida. We’ve wondered about Buffalo. On the podcast that came out this morning, you had mentioned the Boston Bruins as well.

But does it not feel like a lot of the roads here lead right to Patrick Kane’s doorstep for the Detroit Red Wings?

Friedman: ” It does, but again, like I, I live in fear of making proclamations that will go on my tombstone. You know, I think that, look, there’s a lot of noise to the Red Wings right now. There’s there’s no question about it. I, there’s a lot of people who seem to think that he’s, if not leaning that way, he’s definitely strongly considering Detroit. I can’t say 100%, but Jeff, there’s a lot of noise out there. Now, I think there’s there’s a couple other teams there too. Like I still think Florida has been around it.

You know the whole Dallas thing. Like I have to say to you, one of the people who I think really knows best, e said to me back in September, if Patrick can go to Dallas, he really believes that’s where he wanted to go. And you know, like I’ve been told at times, it’s just, it’s not what Dallas thinks they need to do. But it’s just one of those things that it just never seems to go away. So I don’t know what to make of that.

The Boston thing I put it in a pod this morning. I heard it this morning. You know, yesterday, I heard from a couple of different places that wouldn’t connect to each other. You know, the thing I think about that is Jeff, is that I really do believe that we don’t know the full picture of who he’s talked too. And I absolutely believe like Toronto, there are teams he’s talked to that know it’s probably not the best fit, but you do your due diligence. So there are those teams out there.

You know, the Boston thing, when we put it out, somebody called me this morning and he said ‘Look, it says there’s probably limited to what the Bruins can do contract wise and I wouldn’t put them as a favorite in this, but I think they’re at least in it.’ And from a purely roster construction point of view, ou can see the fit. Like there’s room for a Patrick Kane on their roster.

And you know what, they’re trying to win and that’s what the Bruins are like. When they have a chance to win. Look what they did last year. You know they, (Dmitry) Orlov, (Garnet) Hathaway, they went for it. And you know they have, obviously, they have a really good team and even though they had a rough week. You know from a purely hockey point of view it makes sense. I just don’t know if everybody here thinks he thinks it’s going to work.”

Steve Conroy: “The only reasoning for the Bruins to be poking around Patrick Kane is that they believe he can help them out score their defensive deficiencies. He’s not going to address their penchant for giving up good scoring chances. Maybe that’s an easier fix, but who knows?”