NHL Rumors: Will Corey Perry decide to file a grievance against the Chicago Blackhawks?

Corey Perry focusing on his treatment and family

TSN: Chris Johnston said that even though Corey Perry is able to talk to teams as a free agent, but he focusing on his mental health, alcohol struggles and his family for now. Will he file a grievance?

“The only real decision, I guess, in front of Corey Perry in the immediate term and his advisors is whether or not he files a grievance against the Blackhawks for the termination of his contract. But, if that were to happen, and that remains an if, that would really just be about recouping the money on that contract, not about returning to Chicago as a player.”

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There’s likely a lot more to come involving Corey Perry

Sportsnet: Frank Seravalli when asked if he thinks we’re done with hearing about the Corey Perry or if there’s more to come.

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Nick Kypreos: “Any fallouts after this, Frank? Is there a sense that this story is done or are we going to start hearing other things trickle in?

Seravalli: “No, I think this story is pretty far from over. We still don’t yet have a really clear picture as to exactly what Corey Perry did. More than that, I think it remains to be seen whether or not the NHL Players Association will grieve this, this decision by the Chicago Blackhawks to terminate the contract.

I just wrote a story on DailyFaceoff.com that outlines really how unprecedented it is for a player to have his contract terminated for conduct that may be considered inappropriate but not illegal. The Blackhawks acknowledge that there was no criminal investigation here and with that, you know, we’ve seen other players have their contract terminated before but more often than not, there was something involved that had illegality to it, such as Mike Richards being charged for crossing the border with the Los Angeles Kings in receipt of illegal prescriptions and things like that.

This is not that and so I think a lot of people are taking a step back saying. ‘Hold on a second here, we need more information before just saying Oh, it’s okay to have a team terminate a player’s contract.’

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And not only that Kyper, I think there’s actually been a couple teams in the last 24 to 48 hours that may be interested in adding a player like Corey Perry. So I think there’s a lot left to be written here.