NHL Rumors: Will the Calgary Flames Re-sign Chris Tanev? Would He Interest the Canucks if Not?

Donnie & Dhaliwal: Calgary Flames are interested in re-signing defenseman Chris Tanev. He’d be a UFA after this season. Could he interest the Vancouver Canucks if he hits free agency?

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Don Taylor: “Let’s go to Calgary and some information you had on former Canuck defenseman Chris Tanev.

Rick Dhaliwal: “Yeah, so Chris Tanev, Donnie, is a UFA this year. It sounds like the Flames…”

Taylor: “Will be in this summer.”

Dhaliwal: “Oh, could be. So he’s a UFA. It’s his final year of his deal in Calgary. Sounds like the Flames are trying to re-sign Chris Tanev right now. I think their first offer wasn’t good enough.

So we’re going to, obviously, they’ll keep trying to sign Chris. He’s 34 in December, Donnie. On July 1st, I think he can get decent term if he hits the market.

We know his history in Vancouver. We know Quinn Hughes loves them. That’s gonna be an interesting thing. Knowing what we just discussed about the right right side, and Friedman is your second pair. I just wonder, you know, if he hits capital letter, If Chris Tanev hits July 1, I wonder if the Canucks would have interest?

I do know this about Chris Tanev. He loved his time in Vancouver. He didn’t never wanted to leave. He had informed his agent to get the deal done in Vancouver. It never happened. But…”

Taylor: “But I seem to remember you saying, sorry.”

Dhaliwal: “Go ahead.”

Taylor: “He never got an offer.

Dhaliwa: “He never got an offer. 10 years in the city and it was because they were capped out and they had no money for him, (Tyler) Tofolli, (Jacob) Markstrom and Stretcher, all these guys. Anyways, he loved his time…

Taylor: “Stecher.”

Dhaliwal: “What did I say?”

Taylor: “Stretcher.”

Dhaliwal: “Stecher. You know what I mean? He loved his time tenant in Vancouver. He still holds the city high in regard. He would add great, right side depth. And he’s 30

Taylor. “But he’s more than depth.”

Dhaliwal: “But Donnie, he’s turning 34. He has not had the injuries in Calgary, Donnie, he had in Vancouver.

Taylor: “So age isn’t a factor.”

Dhaliwal: “No.”

Taylor: “The way he plays, I don’t know if it’s as much as a factor as it would be from with, with other players.

Dhaliwal: “Yep.”

Taylor: “You know, steady stay-at-home type defense.

Dhaliwal: “That it.”

Taylor: “All those block shots that doesn’t help the aging process.:

Dhaliwal: “If you look at the bulk of Tanev’s his injuries in Vancouver Don, blocking shots. It did, caught, that was the cause of most of his injuries. So anyways. something to monitor.”

Taylor: “Can I say something?

Dhaliwal: “Yep.

Taylor: “He had some equipment adjustments. I believe his last year in Vancouver, took those adjustments to Calgary. If I think I’ve got this right.”

Dhaliwal: “100% correct.”

Taylor: “I’m not sure if we got The Tragically Hip story right. But I think I’ve got this one right.”

Dhaliwal: “100%.”

Taylor: “And that’s helped his durability, other than what’s happening right now.”

Dhaliwal: “His Father Mike, came up with the equipment adjustments, and…”

Taylor: “Like a little more beef in the shin pads.”

Dhaliwal: “More beef, more sturdy, harder…”

Taylor: “Skate protection.

Dhaliwal: “So anyways, he made adjustments. He goes to Calgary, played 82 games two years ago, and he’s been more durable there. So Donnie, he has not had the injury problems he had in Vancouver.

But anyways, just some food for thought.

Taylor: “So you’re saying Chris Tanev is coming back to Vancouver.”

Dhaliwal: “Stop it. Stop it Don. I’m not.  I didn’t say that. I’m just saying he’s in his UFA year. It’s going to be interesting to see. Can the Flames re-sign him?”