NHL Rumors: William Nylander Not in a Rush, Wants to Stay But Things Got Trickier

William Nylander not in a rush but wants to stay

Tom Gulitti of NHL.com: Toronto Maple Leafs forward William Nylander has a year left on his contract at a $6.9 million salary cap hit and is eligible for a contract extension. He’s not concerned about not having an extension in place before the season but hopes to be able to remain in Toronto and not become a UFA next off-season.

“For me, the contract, obviously, I want it to work where I can stay there and be there,” Nylander said at NHL European Player Media Tour on Wednesday. “There’s no other place I want to play, but I still have one more year left. I don’t understand why there’s such a big rush to do something right now. I still have one more year left.”

The Leafs and agent Lewis Gross have held some talks this offseason but none “as of late” according to Nylander. He’d like to get a deal done but isn’t focusing on that.

“They had been talking, but I don’t think there’s been much going on about that,” he said. “But I’m just focused on getting ready for the season and having my best season yet in order to help us take the next step, too.

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Part of the fallout for Nylander after Auston Matthews extension

Michael Augello: (thread) “The Matthews deal at $13.25 million starting next season pushes the can down the road for the #Leafs, who probably wanted an eight-year deal or a five-year deal, but settle for a four-year deal.

Once again, it is hard to imagine the club re-signing Nylander for anywhere close to what his contract demands are, now that Matthews is the highest-paid player in the league. Toronto can keep him and let him walk as a UFA and gain about $7 million on the cap, or sign him to an extension and trade him next summer, but they will not get what he is worth since other clubs will know Treliving is up against the cap.

The likeliest scenario is Nylander being traded before the start of training camp or possibly at the trade deadline.”

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