NHL Rumors: Winnipeg Jets and Patrik Laine … Toronto Maple Leafs and Frederik Andersen
Thomas Chabot could return tonight. Erik Karlsson out until at least the weekend. Tyler Bozak close. Maple Leafs missing five players.
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Laine in Winnipeg likely all season

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman when asked if the Winnipeg Jets could trade Patrik Laine and if the relationship between the two sides is repairable.

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“So, do you see Scott, the Winnipeg Jets trading Patrik Laine anywhere else in Canada?”

Answers, “No.” Friedman continues.

“Okay, so I’m with you. Now, I believe you take your best deal but I understand why Winnipeg wouldn’t want to do that. I think Patik Laine this year showed up in Winnipeg understanding that the odds were very good, speaking of gambling Justin, the odds were very good that he would be a Jet this year. The full season. And the best thing he can do is show up a Jet and have a monster season. A Rocket Richard Trophy type year, and I think that is what he’s going to do and a pure business relationship, it’s going to benefit Laine, and it’s going to benefit the Jets.”

Maple Leafs Frederik Andersen said there has been little contract talks

Sportsnet: Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Frederik Andersen when asked about playing in a contract year and if there is any additional pressure to perform better this year as opposed to other years.

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“I try not to think about it too much actually. It’s been, the main focus has just been going day-by-day. I think, here in the team we try to raise our levels, to raise our standards, and I think that’s everyone. So, I think that’s really just been my focus. I know by doing that, I’m going to get the best opportunities, in the future, and I think this year is the main focus.

So, I  think by just focusing on the daily processes is going to help me out, playing well and that is going to help the team out eventually.”

On if he’s had any contract extension talks with the Maple Leafs.

“There’s been a little bit but not too much else. Right now we are focusing on getting started.”