NHL Rumors: Would Rod Brind’Amour Have Been an Option for the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Was there any chance Rod Brind’Amour would have been a coaching option for the Toronto Maple Leafs

TSN: Pierre LeBrun with Jay Onrait on if Rod Brind’Amour would have been an option for the Toronto Maple Leafs if he had not extended with the Carolina Hurricanes.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Onrait: “The Leafs as you know introduced Craig Berube as their new head coach on Tuesday. What we found out over the weekend.”

LeBrun: “Really?”

Onrait: “I know we did very little coverage on it, but we touched on it. And then, and then Rod Brind’Amour, of course, staying in Carolina on a five-year deal. And I know our mutual friend Jeff O’Neal, you know as much respect as he has for Berube was, was very intrigued with the idea of Brind’Amour coming to Toronto.

And Jeff might be a little biased because he played with the guy but I think a lot of Leafs Nation was intrigued by the idea. Was there any sense Pierre in your mind that that was even potentially close for the Leafs and Brind’Amour?”

LeBrun: “Well, yeah, Jay, here’s what I will say. It’s not a coincidence of timing of all these announcements and events. I mean, the Leafs announced, finalized and announced Berube on the Friday. The Hurricanes finalized they’re deal with Brind’Amour, I’m trying to remember now I think on Saturday night that’s right.”

Onrait: “That’s right.”

LeBrun: “Get made official until Sunday.”

Onrait: “Yep.”

LeBrun: “And then Berube a news conference on Tuesday. So all these things kind of overlapping.

What I would tell you with confidence is that at the very least, I think if Rod Brind’Amour had left Carolina, the Leafs would have sought permission to at least talk to him.

I’m not saying he would necessarily been the guy but they certainly would have want to find out what was going on there. And I think they did have tabs on that whole situation before they ultimately and finalize things with a guy they loved from the beginning in Craig Berube.

So yeah, it’s not a coincidence that all these things were lined up that way. But Rod Brind’Amour stays, signs a five-year deal, which is rare these days …”

Onrait: “Yeah.”

LeBruins: “… in the NHL coaching carousel.”

Onrait: “And took care of his assistants to which I know is really important to him.”