NHL Trade: Winnipeg Jets and the Columbus Blue Jackets Pull Off A BlockBuster
The Columbus Blue Jackets have traded forward Pierre-Luc Dubois and a 2022 third-round pick to the Winnipeg Jets for forwards Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovic.

The Columbus Blue Jackets have traded forward Pierre-Luc Dubois and a 2022 third-round pick to the Winnipeg Jets for forwards Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovic.

  • Frank Seravalli: The Jets may be retaining 26 percent of Laine’s salary for this season. That would even out the cap hit of Dubois and Laine.

The 22-year old Dubois was drafted third overall in the 2016 draft by the Blue Jackets. He carries a $5 million cap hit through next season.

The 22-year old Laine was drafted second overall in the 2016 draft by the Jets. He carries a $6.75 million cap hit and will be an RFA after the season.

The 23-year old Roslovic was drafted 25th overall in the first round of the 2015 draft by the Jets. He was an RFA but signed a two-year immediately after the trade.

Elliotte Friedman: Jack Roslovic signs a two-year contract with the Blue Jackets.

  • Puck Pedia: Roslovic’s new deal carries a $1.9 million salary cap hit. He’ll get $1.3 million this season and $2.5 million next season.

Renaud Lavoie: Dubois will have to spend 14 days in quarantine when he arrives in Winnipeg.

Pierre LeBrun: Dubois’ agent Pat Brisson: “Pierre-Luc is excited and looking forward to join the Jets. This could been a longer process. Happy it’s done. Looking positively ahead.”

Frank Seravalli: Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen: “Pierre-Luc has been an important part of our team the past four seasons, but this was the right time for both parties to move in a different direction.”

Stephen Whyno: Kekalainen on Laine: “Patrik is a player we know very well and in a short time has become one of our league’s most proficient goal scorers.  Jack is an exciting young player with great potential and we’re thrilled to bring him home to Columbus.”

Thoughts from the media

Pierre LeBrun: “The Jackets and Jets were both in unenviable positions with star players who wanted out. From the get-go Wpg and CBJ getting together on this seemed destined but the CBJ spoke to a pile of teams before circling back in the end to Winnipeg. Like 15-20 teams to varying degrees.”

Darren Dreger: “Some perspective. PLD is an excellent addition to the Jets. Roslovic made it clear he was never playing for Winnipeg again. Laine didn’t see a future with the Jets beyond this season. This is asset management. 20+ teams expressed interest in Dubois.”

Mark Scheig: “Jarmo Kekalainen… Turned Ryan Johansen into Seth Jones. Turned Pierre-Luc Dubois into Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovic. That’s some mighty fine work given circumstances surrounding each.”

Alison: “The expectation for Patrik Laine couldn’t be more clear coming to Columbus. It’s to do what he does best for a team that desperately needs it. #scoregoals

Matt Larkin: “Anyone else think both teams will end up having to do this same dance again with Dubois and Laine in a year? I feel like neither guy is landing in the situation he reportedly wants.”

Eric Engels: “WPG+CBJ had one thing in common: Players who wanted out. I don’t think WPG was getting a better player for Laine, and I don’t think CBJ was getting a better player for Dubois. Are they perfect fits?No. But Kekalainen got a C with upside in the deal, too. As for future, who knows?

Brian Lawton: “The @BlueJacketsNHL did just fine. Winger for center doesn’t usually equate but in this case I believe it does as Patrick Laine is an elite talent. Just go back and watch his 1 game played this year prior to injury to see what I am talking about. ”

Jim Matheson: “Currency in trades has always been this: centres are more valuable than wingers, but for Jets sake I’m sure they’re hoping Laine doesn’t turn into another Selanne as goal-scorers go.”

Charlie O’Connor: “I question the Laine fit in Columbus, but I get why CBJ did it. I assume this was the way to get maximum raw value back for a guy who wanted out; take back another guy whose value on the market was diminished a bit because everyone knew he wanted out.”

Todd Cordell: “Centers are generally more valuable, too, and the Jets still have Ehlers, Wheeler, Connor, etc. on the wing.”

Micah Blake McCurdy: “Neither team should let themselves arrive at a place where either of the players should have been considered for trade. Both teams could have and should have adapted their styles to fit their young talent. It wouldn’t have even been that much of an adjustment for either team.”

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