NHL News: Matthews, Thornton, Svozil, Vaccine Requirements and Olympic Insurance
Auston Matthews has surgery with six weeks of recovery. Joe Thornton signs with the Panthers. Blue Jackets sign Stanislav Svozil.
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Matthews has surgery

Maple Leafs: After experiencing discomfort with his wrist during his on-ice training, and after meeting with specialists and medical staff, it was determined that Auston Matthews required surgery.

The surgery was yesterday and he’ll need six weeks of recovery.

Panthers sign Thornton

Sportsnet: The Florida Panthers have signed forward Joe Thornton to a one-year deal with a $750,000 cap hit.

Blue Jackets sign Svozil

Cap Friendly: The Columbus Blue Jackets have signed 2021 third-round pick Stanislav Svozil. He’ll carry a $870,000 cap hit and $925,000 AAV.

2021-22: $750,000 salary, $92,500 signing bonus and $82,500 in performance bonuses.
2022-23: $750,000 salary, $92,500 signing bonus and $82,500 in performance bonuses.
2023-24: $832,500 salary and $92,500 signing bonus.

NHL memo on vaccination requirements

Elliotte Friedman: The NHL sent a memo to teams updating vaccination requirements.

“Any person whose job, role, position or access entails or entitles them to have personal interactions (within 12 feet) with Club Hockey Operations personnel (including Players) are required to be Fully Vaccinated.”

Elliotte Friedman: There are some limited exceptions — such as valet parking attendants. NHL/NHLPA protocols for players are not yet completed.

Insurance and the Olympics

Larry Brooks: On insurance if the NHL goes to the Olympics or for Olympic qualifiers.

“1. PA has alerted players that NHL will not pay for COVID insurance at Olympics or Olympics qualifiers. League position is that players will not be paid for games they miss because of COVID if contracted at Olympic events.

2. PA has presented IIHF with cost to insurance but has been told international federations will not pay. So at this point, PA “strongly advises” players not to participate in Olympic qualifying events. Talks are ongoing.”