NHL News: Blues Players Test Positive, McDavid-Draisaitl Arrive, and the Wild Want To Win Games Not Lottery

Multiple St. Louis Blues players test positive. Will positive test info be made public once games start? McDavid, Draisaitl take to the ice in Phase 2. Wild thinking winning round and not the draft lottery

Notable Points in the Proposed NHL Return-to-Play Plan and CBA Extension

Breaking down some of the key points that the NHL and NHLPA are discussing for their return to play plan and for an extension of the CBA.

NHL News: Tentative Dates For Return To Play, Draft and Free Agency

NHL and NHLPA close to reaching a deal. Tentative dates for the rest of the season.Toronto Mayor on potentially being a hub city for the NHL.

NHL News: NHL and NHLPA Nearing A Deal … Edmonton And Toronto To Be Hub Cities

The NHL and NHLPA are closing in a deal for Returning to Play, Hub cities, and a CBA extension. Edmonton and Toronto will be Hub cities.

List of NHL Player Signing Bonuses Expected To Be Paid Out Today

Over $300 million in NHL player signing bonuses is to be paid out today. The Toronto Maple Leafs top the list about $60 million with Auston Matthews receiving over $15 million.

NHL News: Edmonton and Toronto Hub City Frontrunners … Protocol and CBA Talks Continue

Edmonton and Toronto may be the two front-runners as NHL Hub cities due to the recent outbreaks in Las Vegas. Protocol and CBA talks continue.

What Could We See in the Next NHL CBA?

The NHL and NHLPA continue to hammer away at a CBA extension that could be in place before the play-in rounds begin.

NHL News: Hub City Delays, Salary Cap Will Strangle Contenders, 15 Positive COVID Tests, and Areas To Limit Exposure

Work on protocols delaying Hub city locations? Salary cap the next three years will strangle contenders. 15 NHL players test positive for COVID.

NHL News: Phase 3 and Phase 4, CBA and Hub City Talk

The Boston Bruins don’t have any reservations about playing. CBA and Hubs city talk and negotiations continue.

NHL News: Phase 2 Notes, Playing For the Cup And Not The No. 1 Pick, And A Draft Lottery Video

All Coyotes in town by today. Flames almost all present. It’s about the Cup and not the No. 1 pick. Post draft lottery talk about the results and about the draft.

The Detroit Red Wings Have Poor Lottery Ball Luck In NHL Draft Lottery Shocker

The Detroit Red Wings had the best odds to win the NHL draft lottery but ended up dropping to fourth overall.

NHL News: Phase 2, Kotkaniemi, Draft Lottery, Hub Cities, World Junior Championship

Hurricanes Phase 2 about to open. All Flames should arrive this week. Kotkaniemi healthy. Draft lottery notes if play-in round not completed. World Junior decision not until late August.