Brian Burke on the Fan 590: Talks Goaltending, Shanahan, and the Leafs

Brian Burke was a guest on the Fan 590 and Sportsnet’s ‘Hockey Central at Noon’ today (listen to interview). Burke shoots down Damian Cox’s article idea that adding Brendan Shanahan would be a good idea for the Leafs. He also states that if the Leafs have to, they will find a new goaltender, Burke and Wilson have talked about it. Burke’s not too worried about the Leafs finishing in dead last this season.

Darren Millard after the interview brought up the rumor that’s been floating in cyberspace for a long time, that the Leafs might look at bringing in J-S Giguere. Giguere is under contract for this season and next, at a cap number over $6 million.