Canucks re-sign Wellwood

The Vancouver Canucks have re-signed centre Kyle Wellwood to a US$1.2-million, one-year contract following an arbitrator’s decision Thursday.

“It’s very good to have Kyle playing for the franchise,” said Laurence Gilman, the Canucks’ assistant general manager.”He came in, worked very hard, and contributed to our team, both in the regular season and the playoffs.”(source-Slam! sports)

I’m no genius but you have to think that after spending time on waivers last season and going to arbitration for a raise, Wellwood might not be all that welcome in Vancouver next season. After constant criticization about his conditioning, why not accept the qualifying offer of 1 million, get in top shape over the summer, and live up to potential? Guess that sounds like too much work. My prediction is a strained groin in the future…