Could The 2020-21 NHL Season Be In Jeopardy?
The NHL doesn't have the TV deal that some of the other leagues have. Craig Button sees a scenario where there is no 2020-21 NHL season.
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Could the 2020-21 NHL Season be in jeopardy?

TSN Radio Vancouver: Craig Button on TSN 1040 said that the NHL doesn’t have the TV deal like the other leagues and that the 2020-21 NHL season is in jeopardy.

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“Well, I mean, here’s how I’ve expressed this. You know, the situation that everybody finds themselves in, inside hockey, outside hockey, in life, in the world, is nobody’s fault. This is what we are dealing with.

One of the things is, is when they came to the agreement and extended the CBA you know you are dealing with some projections and remember projections are not reality and so what’s happened now is, we are dealing with a different reality. Are fans going to be able to come into the rink? What does that mean in terms of your finances?

So, I think they’re, you know the NHL owners have talked about what they may need to have to adjust. We’ve heard what the players have had to say. Here’s what I have got to say. We saw great collaboration with the players and the NHL in the Return to Play. I think it’s going to take real significant collaboration to understand that it’s nobody’s fault here and that maybe what’s being asked for is not out of the question but that gives the players an opportunity to ask perhaps for some things that are important to them.

But, if you ask me about the jeopardy of the season. Listen, the NHL does not have the benefit of the NFL and NBA where the TV money is so significant that it can cover off your expenses, you can afford to play without fans. The NHL does not have that luxury.

So when you ask me if the NHL season is in jeopardy, I can definitely see a scenario where there is no NHL hockey for the 2020-2021 season.”