LA Kings Update: Kopitar and Mitchell’s knee injuries, Lombardi not interested in trading Bernier
  • Helene Elliott via twitter: Kings GM Dean Lombardi said the prognosis made on Anze Kopitar’s knee in Sweden was basically right, 2-3 weeks recovery is expected.
  • Helene Elliott via twitter: Lombardi said it’s not easy to put a time-frame on Willie Mitchell’s knee injury. It’s not structural. He has stopped skating.
  • Dennis Bernstein via twitter: GMs have spoken to each other throughout the lockout, and Lombardi says that he doesn’t expect a rush of deals before the season starts.
  • John Hoven via twitter: Lombardi confirms that he is not interested in trading Jonathan Bernier anytime soon. He’s ‘Too valuable right now.”
  • John Hoven of Mayors Manor: Lombardi on possibility of a Bernier trade:

    “I don’t think that’s feasible at all right now. He’s an important part of this team. Let’s face it, our guys in the minors aren’t ready for that role. And that’s an important role. Like Darryl says, with all these games back-to-back and stuff – hey, a number two starter in baseball is pretty important and that’s the way a goaltender is. (So), I don’t see how that’s possible. He’s too important to us.”

    Lombardi on what to say to a guy who has let it be known that he wouldn’t mind getting out, but who you need right now:

    “Be a pro. There’s a system in place. It’s called the Collective Bargaining Agreement. At some point players – (after a pause) that’s the way it is. Obviously, if the right thing is there for the team, you look at it. But, you can’t be responding to this without the number one focus being on the team and he’s too important to the team. Unless something hits us that’s really going to help this team, it’s not feasible. Now, there’s a time limit on that, it’s called the CBA – where you don’t have that choice as a General Manager anymore and you do what’s best. But, that’s the system.”