NHL News and Video: Tom Wilson Fined For Roughing Pavel Buchnevich and Not Artemi Panarin
Washington Capitals Tom Wilson was fined $5,000 for roughing New York Rangers Pavel Buchnevich, nothing for roughing Artemi Panarin.

NHL Player Safety: The NHL department of player safety has fined Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson $5,000 for roughing New York Rangers forward Pavel Buchnevich. It is the maximum he’s allowed to be fined.

Luke Fox: “Based on Tom Wilson’s salary this season, a $5,000 fine would be equivalent to the average full-time Canadian being fined $66.62.”

Mollie Walker: New York Rangers coach David Quinn last night on Tom Wilson: “We all saw it. There are lines that can’t be crossed in this game and it’s just zero respect to the game in general. You have one of the star players in this league now, who could have got seriously, seriously hurt in that incident.

Mollie Walker: Quinn on Wilson’s $5,000 fine: “Not at all. To me, anybody in hockey, certainly in our organization, is very disappointed. Certainly thought it warranted a suspension, which is really disappointing. A line was crossed…
Emily Kaplan: “I understand why people are upset/confused over no suspension for Tom Wilson, but here’s how the Department of Player Safety saw it.

-The “fall” on Buchnevich isn’t much.
-The punch is what Wilson got fined for.
-Everything after? Two guys wrestling, which happens every night.”

Josh Yohe: “When Matt Cooke was officially out of control, Mario and Ray Shero sat down with him, told him he had a problem and that he had to change. The Capitals just keep pushing the idea that is a victim. It’s a disturbing lack of accountability. And the NHL isn’t helping.”

Ryan Whitney: “Just a quick reminder that every GM in the NHL would take Tom Wilson on their team.”