NHL News: BetMGM Launches Four NHL Casino Games For Fans
BetMGM Sportsbook

NHL fans who love to bet, get ready. Now, you can place bets on NHL games and access official NHL-themed casino games through BetMGM online. BetMGM brings NHL roulette, NHL Blackjack, NHL Baccarat, and Dream Catcher to the table to complement their full range of NHL sports betting products.

Launched on October 6th, 2022, this quadruple stack of games makes the casino provider the first to bring to market any officially branded NHL casino games. It is a massive win for the growing company, expanding its offerings and entering new markets, focusing on Canada as a region of interest.

These new games are available throughout New Jersey, Ontario, Pennsylvania, and Michigan and may be released to other markets as BetMGM receives new accreditations and licenses.

The release comes off the back of NHL partnership deals in April 2022 with BetMGM and FanDuel, both huge gaming sites, each in their own right. FanDuel also offers fantasy hockey in their betting spread, the main driver behind leaping with this new partnership. Both operators now have the right to use official NHL branding and get designated lines of promotion with the league to increase both parties’ growth, particularly within the Canadian market.

It’s worth noting that as part of these North American affiliations, FanDuel and BetMGM reserve the right to use official NHL branding and division classifications in numerous forms to attract fans in lawful US states and Canadian provinces. So, whether bettors in either jurisdiction enjoy placing a good wager at a trusted sportsbook or prefer a sports-themed casino game, there is something for everyone.

Hockey Themed Games

BetMGM brings to players something never seen before in online casinos. While plenty of unbranded ice hockey games have been produced in the past, the opportunity to use NHL proprietary content hasn’t yet happened.

Branded casino games aren’t a new thing, though. You may have previously come across games or titles affiliated with certain bands or shows. It is a clever move designed to attract the eye of fans of both.

BetMGM paired with Evolution Games to produce their new titles, strengthening their ongoing relationship with the game production company. The games are in true 3D for a more engaging experience for players. The games all feature a ‘Go live’ button, allowing players to connect to the live dealer version of the game in a rendered ice arena.

Canadian Gaming Market Explodes

It’s worth noting that these new games have a lot to do with the growth of the Canadian online iGaming and sports betting industry and the North American region more broadly. Ontario’s recent introduction of a regulated iGaming market has attracted plenty of operators who have previously built traction in other regions, allowing them to get new customers and grow their profits, presence, and market share.

This is similar to the effects of new gaming markets online in the US. The UK was the most regulated and largest market before these changes, which is why many new partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions have included companies from this region. Aside from these regulated markets, other providers operating in grey areas have been all players have to choose from.

Instead of gaming with operators who have been granted a license to operate in a given region, users can be confident that they are playing with the highest caliber casinos and betting sites. During licensing, these operators must demonstrate that they meet strict conditions to protect players from abusing gambling services. They will not just disappear offline, stealing all the funds and leaving users without their winnings and deposits.

NHL Gaming Partnerships

Not only do gambling operators who gain licenses in regulated gaming markets give customers a greater sense of trust, but so does the fact that the NHL would do business with BetMGM and FanDuel. The NHL is a big, widely respected professional league, and how they run their business is too. The fact that they have chosen to partner with these companies should instill confidence in using both of these operators’ platforms to play online. Quality and trust are critical in iGaming, so it’s a clever move on both their parts.