2022-23 NHL preview: Chicago Blackhawks

Are we betting on the Blackhawks to win the cup? No chance. They’ve made their team worse this offseason and are going to be well out of the playoff picture.

2022-23 NHL preview: Montreal Canadiens

Are we betting on the Canadiens to win the cup? No, we’re not. They’re not a terrible team, per se,

2022-23 NHL preview: Philadelphia Flyers

If there’s a team that had a more disastrous offseason than the Philadelphia Flyers, I’d like to see it.

2022-23 NHL preview: San Jose Sharks

Are we betting on the Sharks to win the cup? No. In fact, I wouldn’t even bet on them to make the playoffs.

2022-23 NHL preview: Columbus Blue Jackets

I’m a little surprised the Blue Jackets are tied for the second worst odds as they made the biggest splash of the offseason

2022-23 NHL preview: Seattle Kraken

Despite some moves that I think will help them improve as a whole this season, they’ll be hard pressed to make the playoffs in a tough Pacific Division.

2022-23 NHL preview: Arizona Coyotes

A quick NHL betting preview on the Arizona Coyotes for the 2022-23 season. Can Clayton Keller and company improve on last season?

NHL News: King Clancy, Kukan, Bowness, Korpisalo, and Injury Updates

Rick Bowness steps away from the Stars. Blue Jackets re-sign Korpisalo. NHL injury updates

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