NHL News: Dadanov Trade Invalidated and Some of the Fallout

NHL Public Relations: The NHL invalidated the Vegas Golden Knights and Anaheim Ducks trade from Monday that would have seen Evgenii Dadonov and a second-round pick go to Anaheim for John Moore and Ryan Kesler‘s contract.

“The National Hockey League announced today that it has invalidated Monday’s trade of Player Evgenii Dadonov from Vegas to Anaheim. The trade could not be concluded because Dadonov’s contract includes a limited no-trade clause, which has not been complied with.”

Pierre LeBrun: “This was the result the NHLPA expected, again based very plainly on the fact there was proof the no-trade clause was in effect and the no-trade list had Anaheim as a no-fly zone.”

The Fallout from trade being invalidated

NHL Watcher: Elliotte Friedman on Evgenii Dadonov: “If Dadonov gets traded, he can’t play the rest of this year, and that’s something else I want to clean up, there are people saying he can play in the regular season but not in the playoffs, it’s not true, you cannot play at all.”

Frank Seravalli: The Golden Knights can still explore the idea of trading Dadonov. There are teams that have talked about the idea internally. Dadonov has another year left on his deal which some teams have an issue with. It could cost a first-round pick-plus.

Frank Seravalli: There is some talk that the Golden Knights have already started working on trade options in case the deal with Anaheim were to get voided, which it did. Would the Arizona Coyotes be interested?

John Vogl: Wonder if the Buffalo Sabres are on Dadonov’s no-trade list. What about Dadonov and a second-round pick for Johnny Boychuk (LTIR).

John Vogl: The Sabres own the Golden Knights first-round pick. A trade like the above would help the Golden Knights playoff chances and the Sabres may not want to do that.

David Amber: “Vegas held every team hostage before their expansion draft. They will get no favours from anyone. This is going to cost a premium for sure.”

Shawn Simpson: (from yesterday morning) “From what I’ve been told, the Dadonov 10 team no-trade list had to updated by the player/agent as of June 30th. If it’s not updated, it doesn’t roll over, it’s actually voided for that year. It’s very doubtful this is a mistake by the NHL central registry. This is a Big deal.”

Elliotte Friedman: (from Tuesday) “Somehow, on trade call from Ottawa to Vegas (a team Dadonov could not block), Golden Knights and NHL were led to believe protection had expired/not filed properly. But, there is correspondence proving no-trade paperwork filed correctly (and on-time) June 30.”

What it does to the Golden Knights LTI salary pool

Cap Friendly: With Dadonov back in Vegas their usable LTI salary pool is only $405,833.

They would need to clear $4,844,167 to activate Alec Martinez $9,094,167 to activate Mark Stone.

Tax differences

Steve Lloyd: Difference in tax rate for Dadonov had he played next season in Anaheim as opposed to Vegas. His salary is $6.5 million next. Using Capfriendly’s income tax calculator.

Nevada tax rate – 40.51%
Tax paid – $2,633,244
Net Income – $3,866,756

California tax rate – 51.82%
Tax paid – $3,368,530
Net Income – $3,131,470

Net difference – $735,286