NHL News: Games Starting July 30th? Hub Cities Could Be Announced This Week
NHL and NHLPA finalize an agreement for the 2020-21 NHL season. Some key dates for the 2020-21 season. Will the Vancouver Canucks be able to play at home?
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Return to play plan

Larry Brooks: Training camp is expected to run for two weeks. Teams will travel to the Hub cities on July 23rd or 24th. They will play one exhibition game before the play-in games get underway. Play-in games are scheduled to start on July 30th.

Hub city notes

Satiar Shah: Vancouver as a hub city is picking up steam. The NHL is closer to naming the two cities.

  • Irfaan Gaffar: Have heard the same, and that an announcement could come early this week.
  • David Pagnotta: A source said that they are close to making a decision. Vancouver and Las Vegas are considered favorites.

Pierre LeBrun: Believe the NHL has their hub city list down to six teams and include the three Canadian cities. Get the sense that Vancouver and Edmonton are ahead of Toronto. Vegas is in the mix.

Pierre LeBrun: The NHL and NHLPA hope to agree on which two cities by the end of the week.

The NHL would then need to negotiate all the details with the cities.

Luke Fox of Sportsnet: Las Vegas is still considered a front, but when you look at how the virus is spreading in the U.S. compared to Canada, should the league consider having both host cities in Canada?

Morgan Rielly when asked what would be important when picking a hub city.

“I think if you asked guys to go play in just about anywhere, they’ll probably agree eventually. But I think it’s important that we take care of what’s important first, and that would be player safety, and also the general public,” Rielly said.

“We have to do what’s best on that front before we get carried away. And then after that it’ll just be about what’s available, and I think wherever we go, we will be well taken care of.”

How is the NHL’s return to play plan impacted by positive COVID-19 tests?