NHL News: Gaudreau Extended, Toews Final Lap, and Games 1 and 2 Almost All Set

The Wild extend Freddy Gaudreau

Puck Pedia: The Minnesota Wild have signed forward Frederick Gaudreau to a five-year contract extension with a $2.1 million salary cap hit. He’ll have a 15 team no-trade clause.

2023-24: $2.95 million
2024-25: $2.24 million
2025-26: $1.77 million
2026-27: $1.77 million
2027-28: $1.77 million

Final lap for Jonathan Toews in a Chicago Blackhawks jersey

Games 1 and 2 are almost set, dates for each series

NHL: First round matchups are almost set, with outcome of tonight’s Colorado – Nashville game determining two Western Conference series.

Matchups and dates for the first two games.

Eastern Conference

Boston Bruins (A1) vs. Florida Panthers (WC2)
Monday, April 17: Panthers at Bruins
Wednesday, April 19: Panthers at Bruins

Toronto Maple Leafs (A2) vs. Tampa Bay Lightning (A3)
Tuesday, April 18: Lightning at Maple Leafs
Thursday, April 20: Lightning at Maple Leafs

Carolina Hurricanes (M1) vs. New York Islanders (WC1)
Monday, April 17: Islanders at Hurricanes
Wednesday, April 19: Islanders at Hurricanes

New Jersey Devils (M2) vs. New York Rangers (M3)
Tuesday, April 18: Rangers at Devils
Thursday, April 20: Rangers at Devils

Western Conference

Dallas Stars (C1 or C2) vs. Minnesota Wild (C3)/Seattle Kraken (WC1)
Game 1: Wild/Kraken at Stars
Game 2: Wild/Kraken at Stars

Colorado Avalanche (C1 or C2) vs. Minnesota Wild (C3)/Seattle Kraken (WC1)
Tuesday, April 18: Wild/Kraken at Avalanche
Thursday, April 20: Wild/Kraken at Avalanche

Vegas Golden Knights (P1) vs. Winnipeg Jets (WC2)
Tuesday, April 18: Jets at Golden Knights
Thursday, April 20 Jets at Golden Knights

Edmonton Oilers (P2) vs. Los Angeles Kings (P3)
Monday, April 17: Kings at Oilers
Wednesday, April 19: Kings at Oilers