NHL News: Going More International, Filip Zadina, And More

NHL Considering Going More International

NHL.com: The NHL already is going to Melbourne later this month for pre-season games on the 23rd and 24th. The Los Angeles Kings and Arizona Coyotes will play in a couple contests at the iconic Rod Laver Arena.

Naturally, the next question had to be asked. Well, what may be next? After all, the league said in the past that exploring all options was something to be considered.

“I’m not going to throw any country names out there but there are other places that we’ve yet to bring teams or our game which we think present unique opportunities, and we’re exploring it,” Daly said. “Like any business decision we make, as a League you look to be creative and you look to change it up a bit.”

Obviously, Australia looks to be a regular part of the NHL’s rotation and perhaps one day will see regular season games as well. Already, the league is playing their 2023 Global Series from Sweden in November.

From November 16-19, the Minnesota Wild, Ottawa Senators, Detroit Red Wings, and Toronto Maple Leafs will each play two games from Avicil Arena in Stockholm.

The Australians got hot on the trail for NHL action over the past decade. Now is their time to show what kind of market they could be.

Filip Zadina Ready For Fresh Start

Tom Gulitti via NHL.com: Filip Zadina readies himself for a fresh start with the San Jose Sharks. It is safe to say things never went well in Detroit with the Red Wings. After five injury-filled seasons, moving on might have been best for both teams.

Now training in Stockholm, Zadina appears healthy and itching to get back to claim a spot. The defenseman signed a one-year, $1.1 million deal in San Jose. With 68 points in 190 games, Zadina showed some promise in Detroit. However, injuries and their rebuild truly derailed any chance at consistency.

At the very least, the defenseman gets a chance, like a lot of new Sharks players, to start anew. For Zadina, if his legs are good, he may get plenty of opportunity.

The Arizona Coyotes And The Arena

The Hockey News: The Arizona Coyotes and the quest for an arena remains the same. Arizona will play at Arizona State’s rink once again for the 2023-24 season and that lease runs for another year after that.

The Coyotes want to stay in the Phoenix area but have opened up discussions all along the East Valley. It’s about finding a fit and getting approval. These are waiting games that everyone involved is all too familiar with.