NHL News: Good News For Hockey Fans Coming Soon? No Pro Sports In Toronto Until The Fall?
Calgary Flames GM thinks some good news for hockey fans in coming this week.
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Good news for hockey fans coming this week?

Eric Francis of Sportsnet: Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving expects some good news for hockey fans this week.

“I think there’s momentum,” said the Calgary Flames GM Thursday. “No state secrets here, but I do sense some momentum that next week there could be at least a preliminary plan put in place for where we go.

“Everything is going to be subject to whether we can execute the plan. We can say we’re going camping next weekend, but if it rains we probably won’t. But I do suspect we’re going to hear some news next week on two big issues right now relative to a plan of what a potential restart would look like, and the draft.”

Toronto mayor doesn’t see pro sports happening in Toronto until the fall

Emily Sadler of Sportnet: Toronto mayor John Torey on Friday on Sportsnet on sports being played in Toronto.

“I would just say to people, don’t hold your hopes out that you’re going to see professional sports played in Toronto, even in front of an empty stadium, before sometime into the fall,” he said.

There has been talk of Toronto potentially being a hub city for playoff games when the NHL resumes its season. Torey said he’s only had initial talks with the Maple Leafs.

“They described to us about how that would work with teams staying in hotels and going back and forth in busses and all of this, and we’ve really not heard much more about it,” Tory said. “Suffice it to say, in respect to a lot of things, we are not contemplating any situation in which there would be large crowd scenes.”

Friedman on the draft, playoffs and hub cities

Elliott Friedman on Tim & Sid on the NHL draft, potential playoffs and Canadien hub cities.