NHL News: More Senators Test Positive, KHL, Signing Bonus, and the CBA
$450 million in NHL player signing bonuses likely to be pushed back.
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Three more Senators players tested positive

TSN: Three more Ottawa Senators players have tested positive for the COVID-19. Another member of the organization has also tested positive.

Seven NHL players have tested positive – five Senators and two Colorado Avalanche.

Both the Senators and Avalanche were the last teams to go through California before the season was shut down.

KHL team pulls out of next season

Szymon Szemberg: Admiral Vladivostok of the KHL announced that they won’t take part in the 2020-21 season because of the effects of the coronavirus.

Rick Westhead: The regional government is pulling their funding for Admiral. The same was done for the city’s soccer team. The funding will be used to support its coronavirus-related efforts.

There are many KHL teams that won’t be able to survive without government funding.

Signing bonus date to be pushed back

TSN: There is $450 million in signing bonus money that normally gets paid out on July 1st when the new season traditionally kicks in. The typical start date will likely be moved back this year according to Darren Dreger.

“But if there is a pushback, then July 1 maybe becomes September 1 as a starting point to the new season. And that money would be deferred to that point and you look at where the Canadian teams factor in on all of this.”

The Toronto Maple Leafs owe the most signing bonus money at just over $60 million. The San Jose Sharks are next up at just over $38 million.

Auston Matthews is owed a league-high $15.2 million bonus money.

Could the NHL and NHLPA look at a long-term CBA extension?

TSN: Any CBA talks between the NHL and NHLPA have been put on hold, but Donald Fehr hopes the sides could come together when this passes according to Pierre LeBrun. has spoken with some agents and team executives who hope they can focus on the big picture and get a long-term extension done instead of just a 12-month transition.

“So I know it’s something that even at the PA and the league that they’re starting to talk about internally. Not with each other, mind you, CBA talks are on hold, but hopefully that could be the solution out of all of this is a way for both sides to find long-term stability.”