NHL News: Three Games Postponed, and CBA Temporarily Adjusted
Games postponed

Frank Seravalli: The Columbus Blue Jackets and Chicago Blackhawks on Dec. 28th has been postponed.

The Pittsburg Penguins against the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Boston Bruins against the Ottawa Senators on Dec. 29th has been postponed.

The NHL and NHLPA temporarily adjust the CBA

Puck Pedia: (thread) “NHL Revised Emergency Exception Rules:

  • Emergency Exception ($0 Cap Hit) now eligible for Cap hits <= $1M (up from $850K).
  • If short 12F/6D due to COVID, can recall w/out playing short 1 game
  • If short 2 G’s for any reason, can recall w/out playing short.

Taxi Squad:

  • Now thru All Star
  • Max 6
  • Max 20 days on Taxi
  • Treated as in AHL for Cap Purposes & injuries
  • Ineligible: On NHL Roster Dec 22, waivers exempt, on NHL Roster 54 days, played 16 of last 20 NHL Games

If players on taxi do not earn a year of professional experience for CBA purposes, each NHL game played by team while player is on taxi will count as a professional game (not an NHL game).”

Elliotte Friedman: “NHL/NHLPA working on COVID roster protection, including: Optional use of taxi-squad through All-Star; emergency call-ups as long as player is making no more than $1M; and freedom to add a goalie if a club has less than 2 healthy due to the virus.”