NHL News: Treliving On Hosting Games, And The Draft … Seravalli On Four Host Cities
Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving on hosting games, and on the 2020 NHL draft.
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Treliving on the season resuming and if Calgary is being considered

Sportsnet: Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving said the NHL is committed and eager to resume the season when the time is right.

Edmonton has been mentioned as a potential host city, but there haven’t been any indications that Calgary could be an option.

“Certainly we would love to be involved in terms of hosting,” Treliving said.

“That conversation, if it happens, happens above my pay grade. They’re maybe looking at a bunch of different locations if they go down that route.”

Any training camps for this season should be about three weeks in Gary Bettman and Treliving’s opinion. Former goalie Kelly Hrudey said players don’t need that much time: “These guys are machines.”

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said at this time there are no gathering size exemptions.

“Professional sport, even training camp, do not at this time have an exemption. It is certainly possible . . . that you might be able to see something happen for training camp.”

Frank Seravalli of TSN: Four cities that could host games – one from each division – could be Edmonton, Toronto, Pittsburgh, and Dallas.

On Edmonton: Gary Bettman has already spoken with the premier of Alberta.

On Toronto: “Given all of the ice and infrastructure, Toronto could feasibly host all 16 teams for a Stanley Cup playoff. But for one of the NHL’s most densely populated cities, it might all come down to medical data and risk factors presented.”

On Pittsburgh: Hotels nearby the arena, their practice facility is 20 minutes away and is top-rated, and they are partnered with U of Pittsburgh medical center.

On Dallas: Heat and humidity in late summer could be an issue but Bettman has already said ice conditions are the least of their worries.

A remote NHL draft can be more challenging than NFL

Sportsnet: Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving said doing a remote NHL draft would be challenging for NHL teams as there are more traditional trades in the NHL compared to the NFL.

“You need a bunch of phone lines because you’re talking to a bunch of different people.

“There’s not as many trades traditionally in the NFL as there are in the NHL. Most of their deals are move-up and move-down scenarios.”