NHL Notes: How the Oilers Can Get Compliant, and Building LTIR Pool Space
How the Edmonton Oilers can fit in Ethan Bear's new contract in. How some teams could build their LTIR pool space.
How the Edmonton Oilers can fit in Ethan Bear‘s contract

The Edmonton Oilers signed Ethan Bear to a two-year contract on Monday with a salary cap hit of $2 million. The signing put the Oilers $2.2 million over the salary cap.

Puck Pedia: “If 2 players more on IR before opening roster, could build lineup $4.06M over cap w/ Klefbom on LTIR, making LTIR pool $4.06M.”

Puck Pedia: “Otherwise, need to send players down to be just below $81.5M, submit opening roster, then Klefbom LTIR & have pool =$4.167M-Cap Space.

Could send Yamamoto, Neal & Smith down & Forsberg on Roster, $130K under Cap.

Klefbom to LTIR gives LTIR Pool =$4.037M”

Taking advantage of the LTIR

Puck Pedia: “If a team has players set for LTIR for full year, once setting their LTIR pool, only impact of acquiring more LTIR players is the cash payment. No real Cap Impact because the LTIR pool increases by the Cap Hit.

Could we see a team “buy” an asset?”

Puck Pedia: Marian Hossa ($5.275 million) and Henrik Zetterberg ($6.083 million) have big salary cap hits but only have salaries of $1 million

The St. Louis Blues, Tampa Bay Lightning, Edmonton Oilers, Washington Capitals, etc. will be using the LTIR all season. So acquiring someone like Hossa or Zetterberg would only really be impacted by the salary.

Would the Arizona Coyotes or Detroit Red Wings be interested in giving up an asset to save $1 million?

Puck Pedia: Most of the teams mentioned above will make moves to get under the cap ceiling when submitting their opening roster in order to set up their LTIR pool.

They’d wait until day two to make a trade like adding Hossa or Zetterberg.

The Lightning are already in LTIR space and could do a deal now.