NHL Rumors: 2021 Draft Picks, Vancouver Canucks, and Andrei Kuzmenko
Three first-round picks leaning towards signing and one to return to school

Emily Kaplan: It’s looking like the Buffalo Sabres will be signing Owen Power when his college season is over. The same can be said for Kent Johnson, a Columbus Blue Jackets first-round pick.

The Seattle Kraken will likely be signing 2021 first-round pick Matty Berniers.

According to sources, New Jersey Devils 2021 first-round pick Luke Hughes is leaning towards returning to Michigan for his sophomore season.

On Canucks Spencer Martin and Bruce Boudreau

Rick Dhaliwal: Have been hearing that Vancouver Canucks are talking with goaltender Spencer Martin about a one-way contract extension.

David Quadrelli: A one-way extension for Martin would basically confirm that he would be their backup next season.

Rick Dhaliwal: John Shannon on the future of Vancouver Canucks coach Bruce Boudreau: “Both sides are looking at their options.”

Rick Dhaliwal: Shannon continues: “I think we are getting a little bit of a dance right now more than anything else.”

NHL teams keeping an eye on pending KHL free agent

TSN: Chris Johnston says that pending KHL free agent Andrei Kuzmenko is being watched by NHL teams. SKA St. Petersburg has moved onto the third round.

“He had over a point per game this year in the KHL. I think what’s interesting is that even with the situation with Russia having invaded Ukraine, it doesn’t seem to have scared teams off at this point. And his contract in Russia runs through April 30. So as of May 1, he’s available to sign an NHL deal. Unlike some other Russian free agents, I don’t think this one is cooked. I do believe once his season gets done, he’s willing to talk to multiple teams, consider his options, and pick someone from there.”



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