NHL Rumors: Anaheim Ducks, and the St. Louis Blues

The Anaheim Ducks will be looking for bottom-six forwards and a right-handed top-four defenseman

Matt Weller of NHL.com: Anaheim Ducks GM Pat Verbeek on upgrading their roster this offseason.

“Obviously the easiest way to go about this is to look at the free agent market. Now, am I closing off any opportunities as far as trade? No. I’m looking, not closing that off either. So we’re going to explore multiple ways of how to accomplish that. I’ve also talked about having an improvement in our bottom-six forwards as well. I’m looking for more speed, a little more grit to add to our lineup in the bottom half. And then I’m also looking for a top-four defenseman. So are those are the kind of areas I’m looking to make improvements to the team.”

Verbeek when asked about the top-four defenseman.

“If you look at our lineup, we have a lot of left shots. So I’m looking for a right shot defenseman.”

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The St. Louis Blues would like to extend Pavel Buchnevich

Lou Korac of The Hockey News: St. Louis Blues forward Pavel Buchnevich has a year left on his contract at a $5.8 million cap hit and is coming off a 27-goal, 36-assist season.

There was some speculation surrounding Buchnevich at the trade deadline but GM Doug Armstrong had no intentions of trading him. Armstrong is interested in signing Buchnevich to a contract extension this offseason.

“Yeah, we’ll approach him. We’ll approach him. I’m a big Pavel fan.”

Buchnevich has said that he likes it in St. Louis and that it changed his career when the Rangers traded him to the Blues.

“More play big minutes, play big role here. This season, not as great as previous ones but last couple years, previous ones, I think I prove I can be good player.”

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It would likely take an offer of six to eight years and in the $7 to $8 million range. Buchnevich would be 30 when his next contract kicks in.