NHL Rumors and Notes: DeAngelo Done In New York, Can A Deal Be Found?
Brooks reports that the Flames are doing their due diligence on Anthony DeAngelo, but Francis said there isn't interest.
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DeAngelo had trouble moving on after being scratched

Elliotte Friedman: New York Rangers GM Jeff Gorton said that Anthony DeAngelo has played his last game with the Rangers.

Elliotte Friedman: Gorton said DeAngelo has been upset since he was first made a healthy scratch. At some point this season Gorton said to DeAngelo that if there was one more issue that he would no longer be with the team.

Frank Seravalli: DeAngelo was scratched for games two and three and Gorton said Angelo “wasn’t able to move on” and “I told him if his name came up in anything at all that he would be on waivers.”

Gorton adds: “I felt like I had to stay true to my word, the organization’s word.”

DeAngelo’s agent thinks a deal can be found

Darren Dreger: DeAngelo’s agent Pat Brisson said that he and GM Gorton have been talking with teams to see if there is any trade interest.

Brisson thinks that they will be able to get something done in the near future.

For now, DeAngelo will stay at home until a deal can be reached.

John Shannon: Brisson said that there is going to be plenty of interest in DeAngelo.

Rangers options

Mollie Walker: Potential option for the Rangers with regards to DeAngelo.

  • Terminate contract, may end in legal battle
  • Find trade partner
  • Taxi squad or AHL Hartford
  • Buy him out in offseason
  • Unprotected in Seattle expansion draft
Rangers president statement on rumored DeAngelo and Miller incidents

Greg Wyshynski: New York Rangers president John Davidson on the report that Anthony DeAngelo and K’Andre Miller didn’t get along and that DeAngelo took the puck from Miller’s first NHL goal.

“Before we get started here, I just want to to get into a little bit the misinformation that’s out there regarding Tony DeAngelo and K’Andre Miller. There’s been a fan blog out there that’s stirred some things up, basically saying that the two don’t get along and that there are issues. That is 100% false. There’s no truth to it whatsoever. And for people to write things like that, and other people to digest it, it’s just wrong. It’s sad actually.

K’Andre Miller was helped quite a bit earlier in the season when Tony DeAngelo was his defense partner. And K’Andre thanks him for the help that he gave him. There were some stories about a puck that had gone missing on the K’Andre’s first goal, and that kept it. Not true. The training staff has it, it will be built into a plaque and given to K’Andre at the right time. So I just wanted to clear that up.

What was said on the blog regarding a dust-up with these two fellas is completely wrong. To have K’Andre pulled into this is really disappointing. To have Tony DeAngelo pulled into this really disappointing. For the Rangers, we’re going to work with truth, so I wanted to make sure I set that straight,”