NHL Rumors: Bo Horvat, Jakob Chychrun, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, and the Edmonton Oilers

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts on some of the big names that could be available.

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Ron MacLean: “We’re going to reset the trade deadline. Some big names.”

Friedman: “Do you want to just take a look at the over list, Jeff, first.”

Marek: “Okay, so we put together as Ron mentioned. Reset this list, here we are in the new year. eyes on the trade deadline March 3rd and possible trade targets we’re going to be looking at in the next few weeks Elliotte.

possible NHL trade targets

We’ve talked a lot about some of these players, starting with Bo Horvat in Vancouver.

Friedman: “Look, I don’t think there’s anything imminent here. I think the Canucks will go back to Horvat one more time to see if they can make a deal. I think it’s extremely unlikely. As we’ve mentioned before, they don’t want to go more than they did with J.T. Miller.

So I think it’s unlikely that happens. Obviously, there’s going to be a ton of interest. One team guys I’ve wondered about potentially getting into this is one of the teams in our early games that have taken big steps this year, the Seattle Kraken.

Marek: “A lot of people have talked about Colorado with Bo Horvat. We’ll see what happens there. Just a quick note on this one for you Kevin Bieksa. I know you love your Chychrun updates.

He’s on our list. Arizona, the one that’s pretty obvious to everybody, and Elliotte, they’re in no hurry to do a deal. They’re looking for three big pieces. Essentially they’re looking for a young prospect, they’re looking for a first-round pick, plus maybe it’s another first-rounder or an equivalent there of. But again, Arizona is in no hurry to do this one. Elliotte. that gets us to Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.

Friedman: “Well in Chicago we knew that once the calendar flipped, at some point in time Kane and Toews would sit down and let the Blackhawks know of their intentions. As far as I can tell, that has not occurred yet. They haven’t nailed down what they are considering doing.

Now, there has been one hiccup here, is that Kane was injured this week and missed a game. The hope is to play tomorrow against the Calgary Flames.

There are some rumblings that he may need something, that he may have something that might need to be cleaned up at some time. But again, the hope is that he’s going to play through it.”

Marek: “Alight. hang in there. Left defenseman for the Edmonton Oilers.”

Friedman: “Look, I know the Oilers fans, they talk about this a lot. Like how soon is this going to happen? I don’t think there is anything imminent here. I think the Oilers are looking around the league to see what could be available to them.

I think one of the things they have told other teams they want to do, is they want to give (Philip) Broberg a chance to play for a little while. They don’t want it to be just a one, two, or three game thing. I think they really want to give him a bit of run and see what they’ve got before they make any permanent decisions on the future of the left side of their D.

** NHLRumors.com transcription