NHL Rumors: Philadelphia Flyers, Marc-Andre Fleury, and the Pittsburgh Penguins

On the Philadelphia Flyers retool. Fleury confirms he wasn’t interested in playing for the Capitals. Should the Penguins look to move Dumoulin this offseason?

NHL Rumors: Edmonton Oilers, and the Chicago Blackhawks

Will the Oilers land some college free agents? Will they be able to re-sign Evander Kane? Is Dylan Strome in the Blackhawks rebuild plans?

NHL Rumors: Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs

Canadiens and Senators were talking Colin White. Roster slots for the Maple Leafs and a Fleury trade would have been reckless.

NHL Rumors: Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens, and the Arizona Coyotes

The Senators will sign Sanderson soon. Canadiens and Coyotes talked a big deal? Hughes said he was close to trading Petry before the deadline.

NHL Rumors: The Columbus Blue Jackets, and the New York Islanders

Blue Jackets are thinking bigger moves this offseason. Islanders are going to have to make ‘hockey trades’ to improve.

NHL Rumors: New York Islanders, Buffalo Sabres, and the Montreal Canadiens

Lou won’t trade for the sake of trading. Hinostroza open to staying in Buffalo. Canadiens weren’t in a rush to move Petry, and finding Hammond an NHL opportunity.

NHL Rumors: Ottawa Senators, Arizona Coyotes, Vegas Golden Knights, and Jonathan Toews

Buyouts this offseason for the Senators? The Coyotes to the rescue? Toews on his future.

NHL Rumors: Golden Knights, Canadiens, Senators, Flames, Oilers, Penguins and More

The deadline has come and gone and Friedman has an update on some things that didn’t happen.

NHL Injury Updates: Ducks, Bruins, Avs, Panthers, Kings, Habs, Predators, Sharks and Leafs

Bergeron has been out with an elbow infection. Suzuki, Drouin day-to-day. Meier had a nerve issue but could play tonight.

Trade Deadline Fallout: Oilers, Canadiens, Bruins, Coyotes, Blackhawks and Flames

Oilers wouldn’t add a sweetener to Archibald interest. Fallout from the Canadiens, Bruins, Coyotes, Blackhawks and Flames.

Trade Deadline Fallout: Zdeno Chara, Andy Greene, and John Klingberg

Chara and Greene asked to not be traded. The Stars and Klingberg have held some talks recently.

NHL Rumors: Coyotes, Predators, Blackhawks, Canadiens and Oilers

Coyotes will try to extend Crouse next. Canadiens will try again in the offseason to move Petry and Weber. No talks between Oilers and Kulak yet.