NHL Rumors: Calgary Flames and New Jersey Devils

The Calgary Flames and New Jersey Devils discussed Jacob Markstrom

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman of Saturday Headlines on Hockey Night in Canada on the Calgary Flames, New Jersey Devils and goaltender Jacob Markstrom.

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“Gonna lead this off with Jacob Markstrom. Now, the Flames and the Devils played earlier this week. The Flames beat them. And from what I understand, the two teams are not commenting in the lead-up to that game. The two teams had legit conversations about the Calgary goalie. Now there’s a couple of things I want to make clear here. Number one, I don’t know that this was ever taken to Markstrom. So I don’t know if he got involved, but I do think the two teams talked about it quite seriously.

And I think there were a couple of issues: one, of course, was the package it would take to get them, and the other was retention. Now, is it still possible? I just heard it was really tough to do, really difficult, and it stopped in its tracks, but the two sides did talk. I believe there were some serious conversations, and we’ll see if it picks up, although it just sounds today, Ron, like it’s unlikely.”

Flames Markstrom Keeping An Open Mind

Eric Francis of Sportsnet: As Francis writes, Flames goaltender Jacob Markstrom is keeping an open mind regarding the upcoming trade deadline. Francis sat down with the goaltender before the Flames victory over the Devils on Thursday night at Prudential Center.

NHL Rumors: Calgary Flames GM Craig Conroy on Their Free Agents

While Markstrom holds the cards with his no-movement clause, he knows it is not up to him whether he gets traded. He told Francis that it comes down to Flames management and what they think is best for the team.

The Flames have yet to tell Markstrom about waiving his no-movement clause. General manager Craig Conroy is not actively shopping him, but if a team like the Devils has the assets the Flames could use to retool on the fly, he will be open to it.

Right now, the Flames are rolling, which could change how the Flames approach the deadline.