NHL Rumors: Canucks, Sabres, Kraken, Wild and Flyers
Canucks unlikely for Keith. Sabres like Eklund. Are the Seattle Kraken clogging up the trade market? Would Jones commit long-term to the Flyers?
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Canucks unlikely for Keith

Rick Dhaliwal: As it sounds right now, doesn’t believe that the Vancouver Canucks will be a landing spot for Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith

Sabres like Eklund

Lance Lysowski: Source have been saying that William Eklund is at the top of the Buffalo Sabres forward list for the 2021 NHL draft. If the Sabres get another first-round pick he would be a player to keep an eye on.

The Kraken clogging up the trade market?

Sportsnet: The Seattle Kraken expansion draft may be clogging up the trade market a bit as it may throw off protention lists. Elliotte Friedman on Sportsnet 960.

“Teams are trying to understand… for example, is your protection list easy or hard?”

Teams can either protect seven forwards, three defense and a goalie or eight skaters and a goalie. The Minnesota Wild, St. Louis Blues, and Calgary Flames have decisions to make involving Matt Dumba, Vince Dunn and Mark Giordano. All could be left unprotected if they are still on their teams’ roster.

“I think Minnesota’s looking at this with Dumba and if they can’t protect him they’re saying ‘OK we might lose him to Seattle’ but if Seattle flips him they’re saying ‘wouldn’t we rather do that and get the assets than Seattle?’”

The Kraken also have the advantage of being able to retain salary if they want to flip someone.

Would Jones commit long-term to the Flyers?

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on Sportsnet 960 on the Philadelphia Flyers interest in Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Seth Jones.

“I do think Philly’s going to do something on the blue line,” Friedman said. “With Jones I think Philly wants to know there’s a commitment from him… They want this to be a meaningful long-term relationship. I think that’s part of the issue, but I’ve heard Philadelphia is working it pretty hard.”