NHL Rumors: Chris Tanev, Joel Edmundson, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Los Angeles Kings

$5 mill for Chris Tanev? Maple Leafs rivals were also interested in Joel Edmundson and no goalie love for LA

Nick Kypreos of the Toronto Star: The cost to extend Chris Tanev, along with the asset cost, were reasons for the Toronto Maple Leafs not acquiring him at the trade deadline. Some believe that Tanev could want $5 million a year, maybe a little lower if he gets four years.

The Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning also had interest in trading for defenseman Joel Edmundson at the deadline, but the Maple Leafs offered up an extra fifth-round pick.

Both Jacob Markstrom and Linus Ullmark wouldn’t waive their no-trade clauses to go to the Los Angeles Kings at the deadline. Markstrom isn’t interested in playing on the West Coast. Ullmark thought the Bruins have a better chance of winning the Cup than the Kings.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have contract slots for NCAA free agents

TSN: Chris Johnston on his talks with Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brad Treliving at the GM meetings.

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Gino Reda: “Alongside Pierre LeBron and Chris Johnson. Gentlemen, as we’re here down at the general manager’s meeting, it’s always interesting to approach them and find out, ‘Hey, what was being said behind closed doors.’

But sometimes the conversations lead us a different way. You bump into a GM you have a conversation, including two very interesting conversations the two of you had on this day with a past and current general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Let’s begin with CJ, who did you talk to and what came out?

Chris Johnston: “That would be Brad Treliving. Spoke with him for an article I’m working on for The Athletic. And he’s in an interesting spot. He’s feeling really good about where his Leafs are. They’re games heading into and he said he really feels like in this most recent stretch. He’s seen them improved defensively. He says their top five and expected goals and he thinks that the team has come together and he really likes where their depth is at, especially after the trade deadline.

And I thought he dropped another little interesting nugget as well because he said he spent this last week since the deadline, out scouting looking at some NCAA players, some other free agents and the Leafs intentionally left some spots open, contract slots where they can sign those type of free agents. So look for that here as we go through March, and some of those guys ended up signing NHL deals.