NHL Rumors: Coaching – Hurricanes, Sharks, Devils, Kings, Kraken, Maple Leafs

Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet was on Sirius XM NHL Network Radio on Wednesday with Scott Laughlin and Gord Stellick and was asked about the coaching carousel in the NHL and when it will come to an end.

NHLRumors.com transcription

NHL Rumors: Coaching – Maple Leafs, Devils, Kings, Jets, and the Sharks

Gord Stellick: “So you mentioned Berube in Toronto as a fit. What about a week from now? When does LA decide that Hiller is in or out? Does it factor in who’s available?

When does Seattle decide? When does New Jersey decide? Rod Brind’Amour, I mean, he loves Carolina, and he coaches in Carolina. Is he ever going to be in play or not, just when we’re talking a week or two down the road?”

Carolina Hurricanes

Elliotte Friedman: “I think Brind’Amour gets done. You know, he doesn’t want to leave there. The other thing too is and I’m sure the Hurricanes know this there is no coach with a greater impact on the culture of his team than Rod Brind’Amour in the NHL.

And I like I said I think the Hurricanes are well aware of that. And he wants to stay, and ultimately, I think that gets done. It’s been clumsier than it needed to be. It’s been more it’s been harder than it needs to be. But the bet like I said Gordie before the best source I have says that that one gets done so I’m going with that until proven wrong.

Los Angeles Kings

Friedman: “LA, I’m not exactly sure yet there either. I think they were planning on deciding if Hiller was their guy first and then kind of see what was out there. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re talking to other people. But I know Hiller had a chance of keeping that job.”

New Jersey Devils

Friedman: “New Jersey has been an interesting one. I think they really had a long interview process with Berube. I think he met with the owner and for a time I thought it was going to be him. Then I think they took a long look at Jay Woodcroft then I think they took a long look at Sheldon Keefe. And then I also think I heard that a second interview was scheduled with Todd McLellan. I’m not sure where that stands.

So I thought they were getting close. A couple of people told me not yet. But, they’ve had some pretty serious people there for interviews. And I thought they were close a couple of times. I just gotta wait to see how this one plays out.”

Seattle Kraken

Friedman: “Seattle, I said this morning on our pod, that I’m looking at three people there. Dan Bylsma, McClellan and Jay Leach.”

NHL Rumors: Carolina Hurricanes, Vegas Golden Knights, and Detroit Red Wings

San Jose Sharks

Friedman: “In San Jose, I think Jeff Blashill has been interviewed there.  And I’m also looking at potentially someone like Marco Sturm, who’s coaching in the American Hockey League right now. Ontario is still alive. He’s an ex-Shark. And just maybe some other Ryan Warsofsky, their assistant coach has been interviewed there too.

So I don’t know how close San Jose is by I thought Warsofsky was interesting, just in the sense that I think that’s a guy who’s deserving of a second opportunity. So we’ll see what happens in these cases.”

Toronto Maple Leafs

Friedman: “I think the one that stands out to me obviously is Toronto because it sucks up the most air and gets the most attention. And I, I’m definitely thinking it’s going to be Berube unless something goes sideways.”