NHL Rumors: Coaching – Maple Leafs, Devils, Kings, Jets, and the Sharks

Sportsnet 590 The FAN: Elliotte Friedman on the Jeff Marek Show talking about the teams looking for a new head coach and who they could be looking at.

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Marek: “Thank the Lord that everybody has a camera phone right now or else we wouldn’t know that Todd McLellan was on his way to Toronto . Craig Berube as well we believe interviewed with the Maple Leafs over the weekend. Sheldon Keefe the latest there on which are the other coaching spots that you have your eyeballs on this week Friedge?”

Friedman: “Yeah, so obviously, Toronto as you mentioned, you know, the guy, they had Berube in on the weekend and now McLellan’s there and we’ll see where else they go and what else they do.

NHL Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs, Nashville Predators, and the Philadelphia Flyers

The New Jersey one, you know, it was Berube, it was Woodcroft. I know McLellan interviewed there. Sheldon Keefe became a factor on the weekend. And morning, I had some people saying they were leaning Woodcroft.

So New Jersey is doing a good job of, look, I think it’s some, it’s obviously that group of people but New Jersey’s got people leaving in a bunch of different directions. But I did hear some pro Woodcroft voices morning that they thought that he also had a very legit chance at it. We’ll see where they go.

LA. I assume we’ll get some clarity and pretty soon. I had some people say to me they thought that, you know, they were doing a really long look at Hiller keeping the job there.

Winnipeg. I think they’re going through their process. I know they’ve been sort of reaching out to some people. Not 100% sure what they’re doing yet there.

NHL Rumors: Just Who Will Be New Jersey Devils Next Head Coach

And San Jose, you know, I, my group there has been pretty, pretty consistent. Jeff Halpern, Jay Leach, who I believe was supposed to interview there. You know, we mentioned the Ryan Warsofsky interview somewhere. It was reported it was there. Marco Sturm I think is a factor there too. I think the ones and again, I could always proven to be wrong. It’s happened before. But the ones I’m kind of wondering about, are they the closest right now are probably Toronto and Jersey and we’ll see.”