NHL Rumors: Could a Rebuild Come Soon Than Later for the Pittsburgh Penguins if They Don’t Get Results?

TSN: Frankie Corrado on if Kyle Dubas got it wrong in Pittsburgh. Could a rebuild be coming sooner than later for the Pittsburgh Penguins?

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“No. Kyle Dubis didn’t get it wrong in Pittsburgh in expecting his team to try and make one last run at it. And listen, we knew that at some point this roster was gonna have to turn over and there was going to be a rebuild on the horizon for the Penguins. We just didn’t know it was going to happen this quickly.

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And when you think about the results they’ve had, it seems like the rebuild could be right around the corner. They go out in the summer and make a massive trade and bring in Erik Karlsson. We haven’t seen the rewards of that trade for the Penguins yet.  Not to mention the team is very average in a number of categories. And completely underachieving.

Now for Kyle Dubis, you think about the runway that he has. He has a limited runway here to get this team going in the right direction and try and compete for a playoff spot, but he’s going to have a lot of runway as far as tearing the team down and building something for the future.

So I don’t get the sense that he’d be too worried. We knew that this was coming. It’s probably a little more expedited based on the fact that they aren’t getting great results early on in the season. And at some point here sooner rather than later, they’re gonna have to face that reality and turn the roster over.

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But for the time being they’re doing the right thing. They’re giving (Sidney) Crosby, (Evgeni) Malkin and (Kris) Letang and company a little more runway to see if they can make something of this but if they don’t get the result, the rebuild is coming sooner rather than later.