NHL Rumors: Could Noah Hanifin Be The Next Sign and Trade Candidate

The Calgary Flames continue to struggle this season. It is becoming clearer and clearer that the Flames could be heading toward a rebuild. All three defensemen Nikita Zadorov, Chris Tanev, and Noah Hanifin are expected to be on the move.

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As NHLRumors.com has written, all three defensemen have been linked to various teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, and New Jersey Devils. While Zadorov and Tanev are seeming to get the most traction, Hanifin is an interesting situation.

Originally Hanifin was not going to re-sign with the Flames, however, things changed early in the season. TSN’s Pierre LeBrun on an episode of Insider Trading this past Tuesday and backed it up on TSN Radio this past Wednesday when he stated Noah Hanifin was close to signing an extension, but that did not happen which opens the possibility of a sign and trade.

LeBrun: “There are also teams as they think about whether or not they make trade offers on some of these guys that want to extend these players as part of that process. Hanifin being a great example. He’s the youngest of those four pending UFAs. I know that the Hanifin camp would expect to hear from teams in terms of what it would take to sign him as part of a potential trade.

Of course, what’s, what’s as you guys know, what’s crazy is that Hanifin almost signed with Calgary a month ago, really close to an extension. And then what I’m told is Hanifin was like, you know what, let’s take a step back for a moment here before I sign this and see where this is headed with our team.

And I think it’s kind of pretty big a wise decision because you know, I think the Flames are headed for a bit of a step backwards and I think Hanifin might have regretted signing there.

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So, but he could sign with his next team as part of this trade as well. Where I think this could play out and if you’re Calgary you want that because if you’re Calgary, trading a rental versus trading a signed player is better business to sign the player that’s extended because he can get more in a trade.”