NHL Rumors: Dallas Stars Made A Late Push for Chris Tanev

The Dallas Stars and Calgary Flames got trade season going on Wednesday night. Dallas acquired Flames defenseman Chris Tanev in a multi-trade that included multiple assets and retention by two teams.

While the Flames were looking for a first-round pick for Chris Tanev, the asking price or the starting point was a second-round pick. The Stars were able to make that happen as they made a late push to get him.

NHL Trade: Dallas Stars Acquire Chris Tanev From Calgary

Darren Dreger of TSN on SportsCenter with Jay Onrait: “Well, I’m looking at the Dallas Stars and the Dallas Stars do have an all-in feel right now, they’re one of those teams that is up against the cap so it’s dollar in dollar out. There’s a bit of flexibility there. There’s some question as to you know, the long-term health of Tyler Seguin and we know he’s week to week, but an answer to the question yes, the Dallas Stars definitely have interest in Chris Tanev.

They need a right-shot defenseman. So there’s a real strong chance that they’re going to land them or at least do anything that they can to acquire this player. But Calgary isn’t giving Chris Tanev away for free. Of course, I don’t think the Dallas Stars really want to give up a first-round draft pick to acquire. We know the Toronto Maple Leafs don’t want to give up that first-round draft pick.”

Dreger on TSN Radio: “The buzz is continued to be around the Calgary Flames and I would say in last 24 hours there seems to be a deeper connection between Dallas Stars and the Calgary Flames and Chris Tanev. Now, do I believe a deal is imminent? No, I think Jim Nill, the general manager there is still kicking tires, but I do believe also that there’s progress been made between Dallas and Calgary.

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Calgary is holding out as they should. I mean, when you have players like that, even though they’re rental players, you’re looking for a first-round draft pick. I don’t think they’re gonna get it for Chris Tanev but I’m not convinced of that. And you know, probably management in Calgary is thinking the same thing. But it does also feel like the Dallas Stars are as close to all in as you can get.

They had a setback with Tyler Seguin getting injured and he is week to week, but he’s expected to come back before the end of the regular season. So they have to be cautious with the money that they spend and it’s the old dollar in dollar out routine. But I I’d be surprised if Dallas doesn’t try to make a hard move on Chris Tanev in the near future here.”

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Chris Johnston of TSN: “What I can tell you is the Stars were very aggressive in their pursuit of Tanev, you know, really liked the player. It’s an ideal fit for their team. They’ve been looking for someone that can slot in on the right side of their blue line, and they’re a team that feels they have a chance to win a Stanley Cup and feeling much better now that they’ve made this deal.”

Well, that future was Wednesday night as the Stars got the ball rolling before the trade deadline.