NHL Rumors: Detroit Red Wings, and the Toronto Maple Leafs
Detroit Red Wings Have Too Many Free Agents

Kevin Allen of Detroit Hockey NOW: When it comes to the Detroit Red Wings, Steve Yzerman knows there may be too many free agents when the dealing is done. Yzerman and Detroit carry $28.8 million in cap space. Expect that to dwindle fast.

Now, the Red Wings have nine or ten slots to fill with 13 players committed for next season. Lucas Raymond and Moritz Seider commanding most of that money. This becomes especially true if they receive longer extensions. That feels like the lean anyway.

With several players not waiver exempt, that only complicates the process further. Joe Veleno has arbitration rights which makes things even more sticky. Raymond and Seider will not see $8.7 million AAV like Dylan Larkin.

However, the duo could see somewhere around $7.5 to $8 million or so each. If that knocks down Detroit’s cap to around $6 million. That means the Red Wings could bid on Patrick Kane or maybe Shane Gostisbehere. It will not be both.

That means David Perron and Daniel Sprong get squeezed out. One way for Yzerman to alleviate a problem is to make a trade. Stay tuned!

NHL Rumors: Detroit Red Wings And More

Mitch Marner And The Conflicted Toronto Maple Leafs

Nick Kypreos of the Toronto Stars: Alright, Mitch Marner figures to not shoulder all the blame as several Toronto stars have gone cold. It does not help that Toronto is down three games to one and on the brink of elimination again versus Boston.

With few moves made at the trade deadline, Toronto figured it had the roster it needed. However, that has not materialized yet as the Maple Leafs have fallen on hard times when it comes to their special teams.

NHL Rumors: Toronto and Montreal Time

Unlike the Detroit Red Wings, Toronto is a special place and being the local player, that does not help. Does that mean Marner could be moved? Another elimination to Boston opens up possibilities. Teams like Montreal used to have this problem. However, that 56-year drought causes a carnivorous attitude with stars.