NHL Rumors: Does Jake Allen Make Sense for Colorado?

Could Jake Allen Solve the Avalanche Backup Goalie Problem?

Martin Biron joined Jay Onrait on SportsCenter, and when asked about the Canadiens trading Jake Allen, he thought he could be more of an insurance policy than a number one.

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Jay Onrait: “I want to talk about Montreal. It’s been a three-headed monster all season. Sam Montembeault is the one who signed the extension, three years, just under 10 million. Cayden Primeau is showing some promise. And it seems like from the outside looking in that Jake Allen is the odd man out potentially here. But Marty, is there a playoff contender out there that you think could use a guy like Allen for the Stanley Cup run?

Martin Biron: “Well, for me, the only team that I could see using Jake Allen for a Stanley Cup run is not as a number one goaltender again; it’s more of as an insurance policy, and it is the Colorado Avalanche.

Georgiev has played a ton of minutes—most minutes in the National Hockey League. Most games started in the National Hockey League, and you’re gonna wear him into the ground if you keep playing him like that. And Colorado has a legitimate chance to go out and win another Cup you know, in a few years.

So I think you got to give Georgiev a break, and not only with getting Jake Allen in Colorado help this season, but it would also help next year because Jake Allen has one more year left and just under $4 million. And Colorado doesn’t really have that solid backup goaltender going into next season, either.

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So I understand that Colorado doesn’t have the cap space right now to get a goaltender as an insurance policy that’s just under $4 million, but maybe Montreal could retain this season and next season, obviously, to make that trade happen.

Three goalies for the whole season its no good. That should have already been taken care of before the Christmas break in early December. It wasn’t done. Now you got to do something, and maybe you have to retain some salary to make it happen.

But I would think that Georgiev would need a solid backup, and Jake Allen could be that backup with the Colorado Avalanche.”